Go beyond basic payment processing.

The platform designed for businesses and organizations to effortlessly accept payments, automate workflows, and resolve more accounts.

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A multi-channel platform designed for convenience.

HealPay’s omni-channel payment products offer a seamless payment experience allowing businesses the flexibility to serve more consumers with speed and ease.

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Businesses across industries trust HealPay to power their payments.

Delivering unrivaled payment features to businesses and organizations nationwide.

Secure payment software for the modern world.

HealPay integrates with software and gateways to power digital payments, automate reporting, and reduce data entry.

Offer intelligent payment options by combining custom strategies and portfolio targeting to resolve more accounts.

Strictly adhering to high security standards, our solutions are reliable, accessible, and compliant with industry regulations.

“This industry changes often… Typically, HealPay is on top of that, communicating with us, and trying to come up with resolutions on how to be compliant.

As far as HealPay is concerned, they’re there at the top of our list, one of our preferred vendors, and we feel like we have a true relationship with HealPay.

They don’t ever let us down.”

Julie Thompson
Director of Operations
Lotane & Associates

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