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Simplify billing with automated file grouping.

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Streamline Billing

Companionation — our automated account grouping feature — allows you to share important account details and resolve balances faster through aggregated balance presentment.
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Easily Combine Sub-Accounts

Consumers can quickly and seamlessly connect separate accounts after verifying their identity. Any future files within the same group are automatically linked when the consumer logs in to your Portal.

Increase Account Resolution

Account Grouping makes it easier to share important account details, simplify balance presentment, and keep consumers informed of their full balance.
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Account Grouping
Simplify billing with verified account grouping


Account Grouping via our Companionation feature comes standard with PORTAL PRO, creating the ideal solution for receivables firms and medical billers who have multiple accounts for a single consumer.

Automatically group new accounts after identity verification
Aggregate payments to all linked accounts
Prevent payment on linked accounts

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