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Streamline rent processing with cloud-based payment software.

Accept rent payment through our convenient, user-friendly web interface any time, day or night. Tenants can make one-time contactless rent payments or set up a recurring payment. There’s no additional hardware to install or software for you to maintain.

Simplify rent collection

With HealPay’s robust payment software, property management firms can allow tenants to make online, automated phone payments, or agent-assisted phone payments.

Digitizing rent payments makes payment handling more efficient, allowing busy landlords to spend less time cashing and tracking checks.

Provide more convenient payment options to reduce late and missed payments. Tenants can schedule post-dated payment or set up recurring payments to avoid fees and rent escalation.

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Convenient payment options for landlords and property management firms.

HealPay's rent payment solutions provide a seamless, secure payment experience for tenants, accepting payments via credit card, debit card, or ACH. All payment information is encrypted and processed securely with our PCI-compliant software.

Keep a pulse on your rent payments with access to insights and analytics. Our platform offers real-time alerts and custom reports for easier accounting and payment reconciliation.

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