Agentless phone payments

Empower consumers to make automated, self-service phone payments anytime day or night.

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Enhance caller experience.

Professionally recorded voice overs guide callers through the payment process with easy-to-follow prompts. Choose from multiple voice options.
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Optimal phone performance.

Our IVR technology delivers quality calls with clear audio, 99.9% uptime, and high call capacity. After hours availability means you can easily receive payments after business hours.
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Operate at scale.

Additional call capacity allows you to increase your revenue while lowering customer service cost with no additional work.
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Secure and Compliant

Our PCI-compliant IVR technology is configured based on the highest data security standards. Transactions are processed via secure gateway integration.

Reliable communications

Custom disclaimers allow you to remain compliant with industry regulations by providing consistent information to consumers with each call.

Streamlined flow

Easy-to-follow payment flows guide consumers step-by-step through the payment process. Consumers can complete a payment in under two minutes.

Powering payments for businesses, firms, and organizations nationwide.

IVR is easily adaptable for a variety of businesses and use cases.

Receivables firms can allow consumers to make a one-time payment toward their balance
Law firms receive invoice payments from clients, even to multiple trust accounts.
Religious and charitable organizations can receive donations

Need to connect with a CRM or customize your phone payments?


HealPay IVR integrates with modern gateway technologies to power credit, debit, and ACH payments.

IVR is packed with features to fit your needs.

Multilingual support

Add Spanish Voice to offer convenient payments for more consumers.

Toll-free phone numbers

Eliminate phone charges for consumers using a landline phone.

Business analytics

Receive real-time payment reporting and analytics for faster decision making.

Text receipts for consumers

Convenient payment notifications for consumers who make payments from a smartphone.

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