HealPay Brand Kit

Learn about our brand, and how to properly implement our logo.


We strive to make payments easier. We are a modern payment processing software company specializing in customer service and fast reliable technology.


At HealPay, we want to give our customers a competent software while also providing a holistic approach to support and changes.


We believe that financial technology is our future, and are empowering that movement by allowing our customers access to the most advanced technology.

Color & Styling

Our primary brand colors reflect our modern, consumer-friendly approach to financial technology. We use the colors of reliability and trust to provide accessibility, simplicity, and consistency throughout all brand communications.
HealPay (Shade)
HealPay Green
HealPay (Accent)
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Gold (Accent)
Light Gold

Logo application / misuse

  • Ensure to only use logos found in our current brand kit.
  • Only use filled black or white circles as backgrounds.
HealPay logos
  • Make sure background circles have proper padding with the logo.
  • Avoid putting the logo in a square, or shape other than a circle.
  • Do not put the logo in a colored shape.
  • Make sure the sizing of the logo is legible to read from a small distance.