Can Technology Redefine Detroit

By: Latoya Irby

Detroit Hosts National Tech Conference Featuring Dan Gilbert, Steve Case, Jack Dorsey.

What words come to mind when you think of Detroit? Some time ago, we asked this question of our GrowDetroit readership. Some answers reflected total hopelessness, while others conveyed promise and opportunity.

We are inundated with tales of a Detroit turnaround in the National media as of late: debates around whether Detroit can be saved, whether it should be left to die, or even if it’s already on the verge of a comeback have all become common speaking topics. Regardless of your stance on this issue, one thing is clear: The city that 100 years ago epitomized innovation and progress has become the first Western “post industrial city“.

So what is to become of Detroit in the 21st century? On September 12th, an organization called Techonomy will seek to address how a community so deeply entrenched in manufacturing can evolve and grow in an era of rapid change and progress.

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