The Leap to New Technology

By: Ray Modad

The Leap to new technology should not be taken lightly.

While changing the way you have done things in favor of new technology is never easy, it is often a logical step. How should I get to a party that is 50 miles away? My trusty horse and buggy or my Tesla Model S? Today the choice is so obvious anyone can see the advantages. Speed. Safety. Style. Sustainability.

Ford F5

The challenge for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners is knowing when their technology is outdated. Accepting that the current way of doing things is not working and making the next move, toward change, is gut wrenching. It takes conviction and a vision to see the end goal. Business owners need to pick the right company and solution, and it is crucial to make sure the foundation is firm. Jumping after fads is not an option! The trends have shifted online and the power is at the Consumers fingertips.

In the ARM industry, automating consumer interaction and compliance is the next wave. It is a trend that is here to stay. Today it’s all about offering consumer-friendly options that make it easy and convenient for people to pay. Consumers want the ability to set up automated settlements, pay online and over the phone. They appreciate helpful email/text message reminders and value the ability to access services online 24/7/365. Many don’t want to speak with Collectors about their financial woes. Can you blame them? Would you want to? The self-service model is here to stay.

HealPay is a leader in automating operations for Collections Attorneys, Agencies and Creditors.