For Consumers, Cards are King 👑

By: Ray Modad

Advantages of Credit & Debit Cards

Expand Consumer Purchasing Power – Consumer convenience is the name of the game. By enabling card payments, consumer purchasing power is vastly expanded. This is the #1 reason for accepting cards. The new source of payments opens up funds that may not be available inside checking accounts. Our clients have seen payment volumes increase dramatically by turning on the options for consumers to pay with their favorite card.

Instant Approval – With credit and debit card payments, funds are verified instantly. Faster Settlement Times – Credit and debit card payments settle by the next business day, and ACH transactions take three business days to settle.

Creditor-Specific Rules – HealPay’s SettlementApp allows you to tailor rules specific to each creditor. You can choose not to accept card type X for creditor Y. You can specify card types accepted, minimum payment terms, settlement amounts, and much more.

Differentiate Card Types – HealPay’s software can differentiate between card types to offer the most competitive pricing on every transaction.

The Cost of Cards – Many firms focus on the higher transaction cost of credit/debit cards. It is true that you will pay more to process credit cards than accepting any other payment method. However the cost is far outweighed by the increase in payments. If you had to pay $2.99 to take in $97.00 in payments that you would otherwise have never received, would you do it?

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