Collection Automation Technology to Improve Efficiency While Prioritizing Compliance

By: HealPay

Cornerstone Support

Check out the recent article we contributed to Cornerstone Support’s blog. LaToya Irby outlines the benefits of automation technology for collectors to improve efficiency and ensure compliance.

How to Modernize and Automate Your Collections Practice With Advanced Fintech

Running a successful collections or receivables business by only sending letters and making manual phone calls is becoming increasingly difficult. While many businesses have automated some collections practices by implementing auto-dialers and mail solutions, fast improvements in technology require adopting new tech to remain competitive. Modernizing your collections practice through automation – while prioritizing compliance – not only improves efficiency, it also reduces human capital cost and improves your collections rate… read more

About Cornerstone

At its inception, Cornerstone Support was the first of its kind, assisting the state licensing and commercial insurance needs of the debt collection industry. Today, more than 20 years later, Cornerstone still retains the reputation as the premier state licensing and insurance provider.

Cornerstone has served as a valued partner to thousands of collection agencies, debt buyers, and attorneys, and their level of experience, knowledge, and quality trained staff is unparalleled in the industry.