HealPay Expands Into Charitable Organizations

By: LaToya Irby

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HealPay has launched new tools designed to help charitable organizations to simplify and increase giving. The HealPay Donations product suite provides the nonprofit sector with comprehensive payment technology to meet growing donor demand for electronic payment solutions.

“Statistics show that online donations to churches, charitable organizations, and other non-profits are on the rise. We saw the opportunity to customize and expand our product suite to meet the unique needs of these organizations while keeping safety and security top of mind,” says Erick Bzovi, Co-Founder and CEO of HealPay. “We’re now offering cause-based organizations and foundations a broad suite of payment options to serve a multi-generational donor base.”

HealPay’s donation platform includes a custom branded web portal, SMS-powered mobile payments, and automated phone payments via Interactive Voice Response system.

Additionally, robust features complement the suite of donation tools. Donors can receive reminders of upcoming scheduled donations, donate to multiple funds at once, and receive history of donations made. Fraud protection and data encryption add a layer of security for donors and organizations.

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