Kyle Von Stearns Joins HealPay as Director of Charitable Organizations

By: LaToya Irby

Andres Blibeche / HealPay

HealPay, a leading payment solutions provider, is excited to welcome Kyle Von Stearns as Director of Charitable Organizations and head of the HealPay Washington, D.C. location.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Kyle for nearly two years to develop the charitable and non-profit organizations vertical,” remarks Erick Bzovi, Co-Founder and CEO of HealPay. “His extensive background in fundraising and donor retention has been invaluable as we develop products and features to meet the needs of various non-profit organizations.”

Stearns has been working with HealPay since early 2017, initially connecting with the Ann Arbor-based company to fulfill the need of an existing non-profit client.

“I was attracted by HealPay’s payment platform solution and the company’s mission,” says Stearns, ”I believe in helping non-profits stimulate growth in contributions, that includes making the most of modern technologies.”

As Director of Charitable Organizations, Stearns’s primary goal will be to connect non-profit leaders and executives with HealPay’s suite of donation tools including:

  • Donations Portal
  • Text to Give
  • IVR

Stearns’ background uniquely positions him to assume this role. As an entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and business management, Stearns brings a strong record of success in the financial services and payment processing industry. He has served as chairman and director of sales and business development for Paradigm Funding & Payment Solutions, a licensed ISO, private equity and business cash advance firm since October of 1998. Stearns also served in the public sector as a member of the DC Economic Development Committee, and a board member of The Washington Convention Center.