Feature Spotlight

Introducing: System Notifications

By: LaToya Irby


Sometimes you need a way to communicate with users quickly, easily, and most importantly, cost-effectively.

Snail mail isn’t nearly fast or efficient enough. Emails can go unopened.

That’s why we’re introducing System Notifications - a way to send mass communications to users of our payment products. It’s a better, faster method to manage relationships with users while they’re actively engaged in the payment process.

Precise Targeting

You can send notifications to users of a specific product, like Portal, SettlementApp, or Donations Portal.

Or notify users at a certain point in the transaction, like when they’re entering their billing info.

Personalized Communication

You can use system notifications to craft custom messages to your audience, allowing you to deliver the right content at just the right time.

Notify consumers when you’re offering a discount or payment plan, giving them the opportunity to take advantage of the option right on the spot.

Display important disclaimers to provide additional information and remain compliant. You can set the notification to display just once or for a specific amount of time.

Provide general information, such as new contact details or other company news. Keep users aware of the important things.

Current customers can email us to get started using System Notifications.

Want a demo of our products? Contact us to see how it works.